About Us

We are the most trusted leadership company in the world.

We help organizations achieve results that require collective behavior change.

The best-performing organizations get four things right—they:

  • Develop exceptional leaders at every level;
  • Instill habits of effectiveness in every individual;
  • Build an inclusive, high-trust culture; and
  • Use a common execution framework to pursue their most important goals.

Everything we do is designed to help our clients succeed in these four key areas.

When organizations partner with us, their people change behavior—both individually and collectively—in ways that have a dramatic impact. Together, they solve their organization’s most pressing problems and achieve breakthrough results.

Lasting behavior change begins from the inside out—with who you are and how you see things. This translates into how you engage and lead others. Our content, based on timeless principles of human effectiveness, is designed to help people change both their mindset and their behavior.

We combine powerful content, a team of experts, a dynamic behavior change platform, and key metrics. Together these guide leaders and teams through impact journeys that deliver exceptional results again and again.

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